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2 x 45g Spicy
2 x 45g Deep-fried Sesame
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What is Vietnamese Beef Jerky?

Vietnamese beef jerky is not your ordinary beef jerky. There's actual cooking involved. Unlike regular beef jerky that's just coated with sauce and dried, Vietnamese beef jerky is double marinated and double cooked. It's first marinated overnight, then marinated again with real herbs and spices, resulting in rich and intricate flavours. It is then slow-cooked for 8+ hours, then dry-cooked.


The original and most popular flavour of aunty Kim's beef jerky range! Handmade with real prime-cut beef for protein, lemongrass and garlic for aroma, and chilli and Vietnamese herbs for spice.

Deep-fried Sesame

The deep-fried sesame beef jerky is an original recipe made by Aunty Kim. The beef jerky is deep-fried with sesame seeds making them give off a full-bodied wood flavour. Combined with fresh Vietnamese herbs, garlic, onion and sugar, it gives its spicy (mild), sweet and aromatic taste. The jerky is then hand dabbed to remove oil and then further prepared. In summary, it takes a long time to make, but the flavours are totally worth it.