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Authentic Vietnamese delights handmade by Aunty Kim. Our recipes invite you on a flavourful journey, a ticket to savour Vietnam's vibrant soul. Share the richness of culture, tradition, and legacy. Embrace the gift of our family's past heritage, celebrating the greatest culinary adventure—family, whether it's around the world or around a table.

Join us on this delicious journey, where every bite tells a story.


Kim's Beef Jerky to Aunty Kim

We're excited to announce our rebrand from "Kim's Beef Jerky" to "by Aunty Kim"! This transition reflects our expansion and showcases the diverse range of authentic Vietnamese delights we have to offer. While our delicious beef jerky remains a beloved centrepiece, Aunty Kim is thrilled to introduce you to other culinary treasures, such as Nuoc Mam dipping sauce and Vietnamese drip coffee. With "by Aunty Kim," we invite you to experience the true essence of Vietnam through our handcrafted creations and savour the rich flavours that have been passed down through generations.
Get ready to embark on a flavourful journey, guided by the loving touch and expertise of Aunty Kim herself.


www.kimsbeefjerky.com.au is now www.byauntykim.com

The Aunty Kim story


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The beginning


Vietnam 1897

Aunty Kim's grandmother, Le Ngoc Pham, is born in the town of Cần Thơ in southern Vietnam.

Le Ngoc


Le Ngoc Pham opens the first family restaurant in the Vietnamese town called Cần Thơ.

The family restaurant becomes an iconic restaurant in Cần Thơ.



Aunty Kim's Mother (Thi Dinh Pham) is born into a family of culinary artists.



Le Ngoc Pham incorporates Vietnamese spices, herbs and traditional slow-cooking processes into making beef jerky.


The family shifts their focus to beef jerky to meet its growing popularity.


Word of Le Ngoc's delicious beef jerky quickly spread, making her a household name in south Vietnam.


Thuy Kim Pham (Aunty Kim) is born in Cần Thơ.

Aunty Kim


At 11 years old, Aunty Kim's grandma, Le Ngoc passes away at 74.

Aunty Kim's fond memories of Le Ngoc and her passion as a chef lead her on a similar journey.


The Vietnam war devastates the nation. To escape the violence and poverty Thi Dinh made the difficult decision to send her children, including her daughter Aunty Kim, to Australia for a better life


To make ends meet Aunty Kim worked in a factory for 3 years.

Aunty Kim studies to be a hairdresser and works as a hairdresser



Aunty Kim opens her own hair-dressing salon where she still works today.

Aunty Kim starts making Vietnamese beef jerky like her grandmother Le Ngoc showed her.


Aunty Kim's starts to sell her beef jerky to local grocers in Brisbane.


Taste of home

Aunty Kim's beef jerky becomes renowned as the best Vietnamese beef jerky among the Vietnamese community.

Aunty Kim's daughter Vi Pham is born.

Vi Pham

Aunty Kim's daughter brings "Kim's Beef Jerky" online with the assistance of her husband. 100% family owned and family made. Including this website!



Just like it did in 1938, Aunty Kim's beef jerky spreads in popularity across Australia thanks to its new online accessibility.


Kim's Beef Jerky is rebranded to by Aunty Kim.


Aunty Kim starts developing her own Vietnamese sauces and other Vietnamese grocery products.

Aunty Kim

Aunty Kim's journey is a testament to the enduring power of heritage and family, and her flavourful beef jerky is a delicious celebration of her grandmother's legacy.

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