Deep-fried sesame beef jerky


Sold in limited batches due to the lengthy cooking process.

The deep-fried sesame beef jerky is an original recipe made by Aunty Kim. The beef jerky is deep-fried with sesame seeds making them give off a full-bodied wood flavour. Combined with fresh Vietnamese herbs, garlic, onion and sugar, it gives its spicy, sweet and aromatic taste. The jerky is then hand dabbed to remove oil and then further prepared.

This is Aunty Kim's previously discontinued recipe due to its hands-on and costly preparation time. We've made a limited batch of our deep-fried sesame beef jerky available at the start of each month until we run out.

Sizes and package/s:

  • Small 2 x 45g
  • Medium 1 x 180g + 1 x 45g
  • Large 2 x 180g + 2 x 45g
Small 90g
Medium (180g + 45g FREE)
Large (360g + 90g FREE)

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